Unsung Heroine 2016

Unsung Heroine Celebration 


black_womanCelebrating the accomplishments and spirit of African – American women in Schenectady who have given their time, talent and resources to benefit others.  Unsung Heroines work year after year to improve neighborhood conditions, protect the human and civil rights of others, provide sanctuary for children, provide food for the hungry, befriend the friendless and provide representation and voice to the disenfranchised. Unsung Heroines live with us and next to us. They are vigilant, fearless and tireless. They inspire, motivate, challenge us and hold us to higher standards. Their activism demonstrates how to be each other’s keepers. They are the cement in building a “Beloved Community”.


2016  Unsung Heroine

Kismattie Bhoj

Ezria Brown

Swazette Carter

Danequa Freeman

Jerri Gorham

Savitrie Rajkulmar

Kendra Richardson

Lisa Rush




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