Counseling Services

YWCA NENY’s counseling program offers individual and group domestic violence counseling in a confidential setting. We offer support and empowerment groups integrated within the community as well as at our main campus each week.

We also offer economic empowerment counseling, promoting financial independence and self-sufficiency while in a counseling like-private setting. These counselors have specialized training in career readiness, credit counseling, continuing education, workforce development and community resources available to gain income or experience in a desired field. Additionally, YWCA NENY has a professional clothing closet onsite to help you look your best!

In Fall 2019, YWCA NENY’s Family Violence Prevention Program began offering counseling for children (with or without a non-offending parent) who have been affected by domestic violence. This violence prevention program aims to prevent child abuse and stop the generational cycle of violence, allowing participants to work with a licensed counselor and participate in a mentorship program. More information about that program is below. 

Please contact our Intake Counselor at 518-374-3394 ext 142 to schedule an appointment or inquire about further information.

Flexible hours available. Virtual, phone, or in-person support available. 

Domestic Violence Support Groups

Groups are available for victims (16 years and older) who are abused or have been abused. There is no fee for the groups. Open sessions are held at the YWCA NorthEastern NY. Support groups are also held at our Domestic Violence shelter and at various Community Service agencies such as Bethesda House.

Call 518-374-3394 ext 142 for further information about groups, including current days and times for the open group.

Incarcerated Women’s Program

Provides education and referral to incarcerated women about issues related to domestic violence and other issues of women’s empowerment. The program works with women to increase their knowledge of and access to community resources.

Women’s Group

YWCA staff co-facilitate the Women’s Group at Bethesda House along the Bethesda Staff and staff from the Planned Parenthood Sexual Assault Support Services program. This group meets on Thursdays from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Bethesda House and covers a wide variety of issues including self-esteem, communication, problem solving, goal setting, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other issues of importance to women.

Family Violence Prevention Program

Through the Family Violence Prevention Program, we are able to put a focus on preventing future violence for generations to come.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Individual & family counseling for victims and their children ages 5-17
  • Evidence-based program shown to interrupt the cycle of violence and create healthier family dynamics
  • Support groups for parents to build each other up and learn new skills
  • Leadership opportunities for parents who complete the program and want to help others
  • Social/educational opportunities for families sharing similar strengths & challenges
  • Create a safe space for your family to strengthen communication skills and build new, healthy attachments

For more information about the program or to schedule your first appointment, please call 518-374-3394 ext 144.

Other Programs & Groups

  • Art Therapy groups
  • Parenting Support Group
  • Virtual Women’s Empowerment Counseling Groups
  • Healthy Relationship Groups at Schenectady County Schools
  • Guyanese Girls Empowerment Group at Schenectady City Schools
  • Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Groups at the Boys & Girls Club
  • Help Save the Next Girl Club Empowerment Group at the Boys & Girls Club