Browsing Safely and Privately

If you are in a situation where you feel your browser history could put your safety at risk it is important that you are aware of the tools available to you to prevent someone from finding your history or seeing the page you’re currently browsing.

To quickly leave this website use the “Quick Escape” button at the top of the site. This will immediately redirect you to Google’s homepage without closing your browser. Please note that this will not delete this webpage from your browser history.

A better solution is to take advantage of private browsing. Most modern web browsers will provide a means to browse the web without saving any of your history, and will also give you an easy way to close all of your current private tabs. Cookies will only be used during the session, they are cleared when the session ends. Be aware that bookmarks and downloads will be saved. Familiarize yourself with this tool. Information on using it in the most commonly found browsers is below.


Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Mac – Safari
Internet Explorer


Firefox for Android

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