As the spring season blossoms, we are reminded of the power of growth and transformation. At YWCA NorthEastern NY we are celebrating our 135th year of serving the community. We know we would not be able to continue if we didn’t fully believe in planting seeds of change that will bloom into a brighter, safer future for us all. 

We invite you to join us in sowing the seeds of change. Your donation will help us continue our work in empowering individuals and families to break the cycle of violence and build a brighter, safe future for our community. 

A donation from you means 12-year-old Amirah is able to attend our girls’ empowerment group where she learns she isn’t the only student witnessing domestic violence at home. At school, Amirah learns how to identify the red flags in a relationship through YW Healthy Relationships trainings and is determined to break the cycle of violence as she enters her teen years. 

Our goal is a world without violence, but we cannot do it alone. We believe that continuing to grow our Family and Youth Violence Prevention programs and having the ability to spread them across more audiences will bring us closer to this goal. Your support is the water and sunlight that nourishes these seeds, helping them to grow into meaningful change in our community. 

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