At YWCA NENY, we are committed to empowering families in our community who are experiencing housing instability. Our Rapid Rehousing Program provides vital support to individuals and families as they transition into stable housing. However, for many of these families, the journey to a fresh start doesn’t end with securing a roof over their heads. They often lack the essentials needed to turn their new apartment into a home. 

In 2023, our Rapid Rehousing program was able to assist over 80 individuals and families find and secure new housing but could only provide 12 of those households with kitchen essentials, cleaning supplies, furniture, and other items to help with their fresh start due to gaps in grant funding. Donations made this spring will help fill those gaps so we can provide more households with the items they need to make their space a home. These items may seem simple, but they make a world of difference to families who are starting anew after experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. 

How your donation directly supports individuals and families:

By donating, you enable our team to purchase essential items such as kitchen supplies, cleaning products, linens, and furniture to fill a new home for an individual or a family, empowering each recipient with the tools needed to turn their new apartment into a welcoming home. 

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