In 1978, the Human Services Planning Council (HSPC) established the Katherine S. Rozendaal Award to honor a person whose volunteer leadership and activities have had a positive impact on the Schenectady Community. YWCA NorthEastern NY is proud to continue the presentation of this prestigious award and invites the community to recognize the valuable contributions of volunteers.

In order to be eligible for the award, the following criteria must be met:

  • the nominee must be currently serving as a volunteer in Schenectady County; 
  • the nominee should be one whose leadership and activities have had a positive impact on the community and those served as demonstrated through creativity, delegation, management skills, recognition by peers, and interpersonal skills;
  • the nominee should be one whose activities are diverse and who has demonstrated commitment over the years; and
  • the activities for which the individual is being nominated may not be part of a paying job.


Congratulations to Sister Ann Christi Brink and Sister Linda Neil, the 2019 Katherine S. Rozendaal Awardees. They were presented with their award at YWCA NENY’s Annual Meeting on May 21, 2019. 

Sisters Ann Christi Brink and Linda Neil (pictured above along with several volunteers – they are in the front row) were nominated by Shelly Ford and Meredith Osta for their commitment to St. Joseph’s place, which is a place of hospitality, rest, conversation and prayer. Sr. Ann Christi Brink and Sister Linda Neil transitioned from lives of educators to volunteers who, with the late Father Hogan, saw a need to assist the most vulnerable residents residing in the Hamilton Hill area. They transformed an Albany Street storefront into a warm and accepting drop-in center. Srs. Ann Christi and Linda work with numerous volunteers that assist in the day-to-day operations, provide goodies, teach crafts, and occasionally provide educational programs. There is a beautiful chapel on the premises that is open and welcoming to all.

The Sisters’ welcoming environment attracts 30-40 neighbors each day. Volunteers are affirming and loving in their interactions with their guests. Visitors are welcomed with a hot cup of coffee or tea, sweets and a place to sit as they become part of an enriching environment. It is not uncommon to hear a new mom asking for advice on nurturing her baby or an elderly guest asking about senior services. Many of the visiting neighbors are transitioning back into society or are looking for a place to share their stories. Frequently guests at St. Joseph’s Place are looking for spiritual guidance and prayer. The program has been identified as a beacon of light and hope for the most disenfranchised residents living in the area. Guests frequently become volunteers, learn new skills, and are ambassadors for St. Joseph’s Place.

Previous Katherine S. Rozendaal Awardees

2018 Millie Gittinger
2017 Carole Merrill-Mazurek
2016 Cheryl Cufari
2015 Deneen Palmateer
2014 Shirley Readdean
2013 Malinda Myers
2012 Shannon Kelly
2011 Denise Murphy McGraw
2010 H. Jean & John W. Wilkinson
2009 Miriam Butzel
2008 Dr. Arnold Ritterband & Dr. Clifford Tepper
2007 Edna Scheper, Marsha Mortimore, & Cristine Cioffi
2006 Israel “Jake” Jacobs & Carolyn Micklas
2005 Margaret Mardy Moore & Helen Quirini
2004 Chauncey Williams & Kevin Karpowicz
2003 Karen Johnson
2002 Robert Ludwig
2001 Cathy Lewis
2000 Nancy Lange & Mary D’Ercole Pritchard
1999 Helga Schroeter
1998 Michael Iacobucci
1997 Penny Pajak
1996 Esther Swanker
1995 Irene Prazak
1994 Anne Phillips & Julia Burgess
1993 Rev. Carl Taylor
1992 Maxine Borom
1991 Evelyn Holmblad & Alfred Lowe
1990 Wallace Campbell
1989 Marie Pletenik
1988 Marcia Liebich
1987 Helen George
1986 Marion Grimes
1985 Kathleen Selfridge Chesbrough
1984 Eldon Springsted
1983 Doris Aiken & Benjamin Wollner
1982 Edwin Sweeney
1981 James Stamper
1980 Peg Lordi & Marie Gorman
1979 Gertrude Purcell




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