Club 1888

Looking for a way to deepen your impact in the community? Club 1888 is an incredible way to make connections, make a difference, and help YWCA NorthEastern New York achieve our mission of “eliminating racism and empowering women.” Host events, create fundraisers, promote awareness, and help bring change to your community.

Named for the year of the organization’s founding, Club 1888 is YWCA NorthEastern New York’s premiere donor & volunteer program. Donate a minimum of $5/month and join a community of change makers. Complete the form below and join today!

While a volunteer commitment is not required from Club 1888 members, it is highly encouraged, as participant feedback will be used to shape this inaugural program.


How can you make a difference with Club 1888?


YWCA NorthEastern NY is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


Program Objective

To assemble a community of committed and consistent volunteers to put action items into place that help further the mission of YWCA NENY.

Join a Team!

There are 4 main teams in Club 1888 that all work together to create larger change. Explore each team below!


Be the bridge between YWCA NorthEastern NY and the community and help raise awareness about our events and mission! Use your connections to help us grow our impact! 

Attend an event and wear your Club 1888 pin

All Club 1888 members will receive a pin that can be worn anywhere you’d like. Sporting your pin at events make people curious to learn more about Club 1888. If you’re attending another community event, wear your pin proudly and talk about Club 1888.

Table at an event like a festival and community fair*

The work of YWCA NorthEastern NY intersects with many different organizations, and it’s important to support one another. Club 1888 members are the perfect people to table an event on YWCA NorthEastern NY’s behalf. You can share information on YWCA NorthEastern NY and our services as well as support the work of other causes. If you had an event in mind, you can let Kindra know and we can coordinate it! *This role requires attending our volunteer training.

Welcome new members

We want our members to enjoy the Club 1888 experience from the moment they join! You can greet the new members and welcome them to our awesome group. 

Promote the program on your social media pages

Telling everyone how great the program is is an easy, yet important way members can help. By extending Club 1888’s network, we can reach more people and spread the word about YWCA NorthEastern NY. Posting about our events, fundraising campaigns and other activities help encourage more people to join. You can even list that you are a Club 1888 member on your profile! Make sure you use our hashtag: #Club1888

Recruit New Members

Help expand the Club 1888 community by recruiting new members! Know someone who is great at social media, event planning, or is looking to build some community connections? Invite them to join Club 1888 by completing our sign-up form.


As a mentor, help lead the future of the club by creating dynamic new projects and providing guidance to the other members! 

Attend planning meetings

Mentors will plan and attend club wide planning meetings to talk about the direction of Club 1888. During these times we can discuss new events to put on, fundraisers to plan, and determine how we can better serve our community.

Communicate with staff about program feedback

We love your ideas and feedback! Without the help of Club 1888 members, we couldn’t have launched the program! Club 1888 members are the eyes and ears of the program. You can communicate members’ ideas, feedback and comments to the staff during team and club meetings.

Create new projects for members

Projects are an exciting part of the program! The staff are looking to get new and creative ideas that not only excite members and but also make a difference for YWCA NorthEastern NY. Please see our running list of project and event ideas to introduce to the club available on the Club 1888 Hub Page.

Train and support members with their Projects

Club 1888 members are the smartest people we know. You can help current members with projects, hosting events, promoting the program, fundraising, brainstorm creative ideas and much more!


Spread the word about our organization as social media experts, event planners, and volunteer coordinators. We need your communication and people skills to grow our impact! 

Assist with program logistics

Assisting with logistics is an easy yet helpful way to help the program succeed. This can include creating invitations, helping with registration at event, managing our events calendar and other tasks that come up.

Create content for Club 1888 communications

Communications are a vital part of any program. Members can help or even take lead on communication initiatives like emails and print materials. We are also planning on creating a Club 1888 newsletter that members may contribute to.

Social Media Management

Social media is huge part of spreading the word of Club 1888. Members will help decide what social media platforms Club 1888 should use, how to use them, and even help manage the content and interactions.

Help with program data and management

For those members who love spreadsheets and data, there are opportunities for you! Managing challenges, member activities and other data is the perfect opportunity for members with analytical and attention to detail skills. Contact Kindra McHale with any questions.

Coordinate volunteer activities*

Volunteering with all your friends is one of the most exciting parts of the program. Club 1888 members help seek, promote and coordinate volunteer activities that create opportunities for members. *This role requires attending our volunteer training.


Help lead change in our community by planning fundraisers, events, and online campaigns! 

Organize a networking event or social meetup

Networking events are great ways for people to meet and interact. You can organize events at bars, coffee shops or special community events. There’s lots to do in the area and tons of opportunities to organize networking and social events! 

Gather people for a gratitude party

There are a lot of people fighting for Club 1888 and we want to make sure they feel appreciated! You can help organize parties to thank our supporters, volunteers, staff, representatives and other people who make an impact for Club 1888.

Be an Event Host 

Don’t like planning things, but love talking with people? Be an event host! Event hosts help recruit people, greet attendees, and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves at events put on by YWCA NorthEastern NY and Club 1888.

Coordinate a self-care activity

We have a tough fight ahead. If we want Club 1888 to be at their best to fight for our future, then we must take care of ourselves. Are you involved in a self-care activity like yoga, running or kickboxing? You can organize a time where people get together to work out or come together to take care of themselves.

Host a fundraiser

Fundraisers are super important and make sure we can carry out our mission. Check out our Fundraiser Toolkit for more information!

Launch an online campaign

Online campaigns are another fun and easy way to make a huge impact and raise money for YWCA NorthEastern NY! Check out our Launch Online Campaign Toolkit for more information!

Leadership Opportunities

There are plenty of leadership opportunities within Club 1888 such as…


Team Leader Note Keeper
Social Media Coordinator Newsletter Coordinator

Monthly Meetings

Club 1888 will have 1 All-Club meeting on per month to discuss upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and the work of

committees and teams. Teams will have their own meetings throughout the month.

Club 1888 will be in session from September – June with a break in the summer and meetings reconveining each fall.

Join a Committee!

Have an idea for an event? Want to start a fundraising campaign? Get a committee together and make it happen! Any Club 1888

Member can join a committee and work across teams to make your ideas a reality.

Contact Kindra McHale with any questions at [email protected]
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