Dear Friend & Ally,  

At YWCA NorthEastern NY we are officially back in full swing and ready to “SPRING” into action. As we reflect on the past two years, we are proud to say that we never gave up and have remained present and focused on our community, engaging with people, and lifting up our mission work! When faced with what we thought would be insurmountable challenges, we tackled them head on and worked together to continue to make a positive impact. 

As we look ahead, we have been asking ourselves and those engaged in our mission, “what is your why?”. Why do so many of us feel compelled to continue this work in our community? We thought our staff said it best:


These responses have elevated our work, propelling us ahead with renewed purpose and energy, grounded firmly in our mission.  

Why do you support YWCA NENY?  

Whether you have attended an event or have been a longtime supporter who has a personal connection to our work, we want to know why you are inspired by our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.

Thanks to you, YWCA NENY will be here for another 100 years as a beacon of safety in Schenectady and the Capital Region. We serve over 7,000 women, survivors, and families each year through our core programs of affordable housing, comprehensive domestic violence services, and high-quality Early Learning Centers. 

Please support YWCA NENY by making a donation today & sharing your “why”. Your donation will directly help those in need by supporting YWCA NENY in:

Your donation and support mean that whether you can be physically here with us or not, you are right next to us in our fight to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

With gratitude,
Kim Siciliano                                   Lauren Trunko
Chief Executive Officer                Interim Chief Development Officer

You can share your “why” with us in the donation form below or here